"It'll go down there, in the sub-basement. We'll clamp it down with welded rebar, and then set the whole thing in concrete. Put up the building on top of it. It's ours now."

There was a low hum coming from it: a deep, disturbing sound that seeped into him through his ears. "What if the workers—"

"We'll cover it up, board it over, something, I dunno. Everything else is done down there, shouldn't be anybody getting close enough to get curious. If they do, well then, we deal with them."

He stopped walking, suddenly, without warning; they almost dropped it. "What does that mean?"

"Be careful."

"What do you mean, 'we deal with them'? Are we going to start murdering day laborers now? What if it's a foreman? A contractor?"

"Relax, nobody's getting murdered. Fired, maybe. Anyhow, who'd believe them if they talked?"

They started slowly down the concrete steps.

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