Before It's Time

I've never been dead before.

Pete's been dead seventeen years; he says to relax, take some time and figure it all out. Aoibheann's been dead nearly a thousand; she stares through you, says nothing, then gets startled when she notices you're there. She reaches out, tries to touch your face, and then when she can't she goes back into her head. Pete says she was like this when she got here, but how would he know? Maybe there were others who knew, and they told him, but then where are they now?

I wish I knew the rules. I wish I had my ipod, and my headphones, the nice ones, the Beats. I wish there I wish I knew whether Cribs lived, he was in the passenger's seat. If he didn't, would he be here? Pete doesn't know.

I don't get wet, but I still wish it would stop raining.