G, A, F, F(8vb), C

How old was I, when they came? It's so hard to remember.

There was a building, a farmhouse. There was as barn, and… a man…my Father; he kept animals in there, and there were fenced-in fields with more animals, and other fields with crops. It was so big to me, when I lived there, growing up, it was the whole world. But I remember how small it looked from above, dwindling smaller and smaller, until I couldn't pick it out anymore. I wish I had understood then that I wouldn't see it again, not ever.

I wonder what it's like now, the Earth. Time dilates near the speed of light; the Friends had to learn a new language when they got home, so much time had passed. And it's been decades since.

I wonder if they'd take me back, just to see. Not to stay, of course. Just to see.


  1. Reminiscent of the Martian Chronicles. I enjoyed looking through the eyes of your character.