A View To A Kill

“What do you see?”

Her voice was strained. “I see a girl. I see… she’s dancing, she’s wearing a formal dress like she’s at the prom.”

“Wrong time of year for—”

“I can’t tell when this is happening yet.” Her head tilted, her eyes crinkled as if she was listening for a distant sound. “It’s too warped to be the past. I think… I think she’s still alive. It feels like this is future.”

“Where?” If she was still alive, they could still do something. “See if you—”

“Oh God… he’s there; she just saw him. John, it’s happening now.”


  1. One...two...three...you're back in the room...

  2. Great! You write such realistic dialogue. Hooks you right into the story.

    1. Thank you for saying that. Having realistic dialogue that you can 'hear' as you read it is something I work very hard to achieve.

  3. Enjoyed this, especially the way you put so much mystery & urgency in such brief space.