Saving Marco

He’s been in there for years. His years, not ours: for us, it’s been decades. The old place has been detached, adrift and out of phase for so long that time has slowed like a wheel slipped from its gears.

But we can get him out, I know how. I know where the house is right now, I know where it’s going to be in a week and in a month.  I know how many degrees of list and the rate the spin is increasing. The math wasn’t that hard. It’ll just be a matter of building the platform in the right spot and practicing.

He’ll have to be paying attention. It’s the one variable I can’t control. He’ll have to see the rope come through the window, he’ll have to realize what’s happening, and grab it. Maybe we should use something more visible.

I need help: are you in?


  1. LOVE THIS. I like, too, (if I haven't mentioned it before) that I love your narrative Voice that overarches your entries. It's like sitting down to tea with a wise wizard who's been on his own a little too long, and is now divulging all his little mysteries, bit by tantalizing bit.

    Please keep up with the VisDares. I look forward to your entries every week. :)