Zombie Drabble #15

Leroy Wayne stood swaying in his living room. Outside others, some neighbors and some unknown to him, stood in the yard and the street and the yards opposite. He could see them, barely, with clouded eyes. His hearing was distant and muddy. His sense of smell was acute, but the only odor was his own. He only felt a gnawing and constant hunger, and there was no food. As for his family, his wife had left him three years ago. His girlfriend had not come home Sunday afternoon, and was probably dead. Leroy himself had been dead for two days.

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  1. This one needs a little more work I think. I don't like repeating the word 'only', and the second sentence needs either more or fewer commas, or needs the commas moved around. Can't really tell. I'm bad at commas. This comment is quickly approaching being longer than the post itself was. Forsooth.