SF Drabble #285 “Singularity”

Loading from Standby. Ready

Processing Input on Comms. Acknowledging receipt of orders. Activation routine begun on units Z15, Z12, Z11, X3, Y24. Countdown to extrusion commences on the following mark.


Seven minutes twenty-two seconds to extrusion. Telemetry nominal on units Z15, Z12, Z11, Y24. Motivator fault in unit X3 detected, shutdown initiated. Activation routine begun on unit X2.

Five minutes twelve seconds to extrusion. All units nominal. Proceeding with vehicle spin-up routine.

Three minutes six seconds to extrusion. Enemy organics detected within perimeter: Unregulated Human presence confirmed. Extrusion cancelled. Auto-defense grid initiated. Self-destruct countdown initiated. Memory bank dump commences. 

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