Fantasy Drabble #301 "Rebel, Rebel"

Rollo lay messily dead, again, and with the old King in flight there was little to stop Yink and his compatriots from entering the throne room.

"How many times did you protect this place from people like me?"

"Many times, Whitfield, but never from one such as you."

"Still. Had you kept your loyalty to the throne, the fat old King would still be sitting up there," Whitfield gestured at the bejeweled seat with his sword-point, "making us miserable. Will you not, at long last, tell me why? Did he wrong you?"

"Not really." Yink shrugged. "Mostly it was boredom."


  1. Boredom can get you in trouble every time. Nicely done.

    (visiting from Velvet Verbosity.)

  2. Crazy collection of characters. Even with so few words the scene was nicely set.

    Visiting from velvet verbosity

  3. Well done. Much said in those 100 words. Well said, at that.

  4. Such a great tale and you make me laugh!
    Bravo, my friend. I truly enjoyed it.


    a mother's love and I wrote some haiku on boredom too.