SF Drabble #390 "Departure Time"

He checked his watch. "They won't hold the lander for us."

She rifled through the pockets on the pants she wore yesterday. "I can't find the shells."

"Where did you last have them?"

"If I knew that, I'd know where they were, wouldn't I?"

"Maybe that cleaning robot thingy took them. You can just get more—"

She upended her purse into the chair. "When? When can I get more? When will we ever come back here, to this planet, to that beach on that ocean? When?"


She ignored him, pulled the sheets off the bed. "Just help me look."


  1. part of the velvet verbosity 100 word challenge


  2. I like the way this reads like a scene that any of us could have experienced -- except for the tiny detail of planetary travel! Nice.

  3. Hurrying and frantic... seems like every vacation ends this way. Well done.

  4. Great job. I was immediately drawn in!

  5. Loved the story. Wouldn't mind seeing it expanded. Great job!

    1. I've been planning out a long story that takes place on one of the liners in this universe (assuming this takes place in that universe, which I guess is more an assumption on my part than anything explicit within the story.) It goes: boy goes on very expensive vacation, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy is tempted by second girl who is really an alien criminal wearing a human disguise. You know, old story. :-)