Zombie Drabble #398 "Prostration"

Dear Lord,

Please protect Bill and Allison, and the kids, and Greg wherever he is, and Floria wherever she is. And please let the door hold. Please, Lord: there are so many of them and the door is so thin.

Why have you done this to us, Lord? Is it a punishment for our sins? Do we all have to die for the sins of a few? Do the innocent children have to die?

Help me understand, Lord, please. I've been good and faithful all my life.

Are you listening Lord? Will you help us? Are you even really there?


  1. I hope I'm supposed to find this funny, because I do. The idea that someone has dropped in prayer while the zombies are clawing at the door. Cause I'd be busy preparing my arsenal and escape plan.

    (small typo in second to last paragraph, second sentence.)

  2. I found a lot of humor in this too. I guess Zombies make believers out of everyone.

  3. Yeah, I think I'd be scrambling too:) Though praying might help...

  4. Believers? Or doubters?

    Anyway, certainly an accurate depiction of the prompt. Well Done.