Zombie Drabble #399 "Last To Know"

"Where'd Dwayne go?"

She chuckled. "You mean, 'where did Dwayne and Annie go'."


"Oh, honestly, Bob, you're so thick sometimes. They've been disappearing up to the roof for weeks now."

He moved closer, and spoke in an irate whisper so the others couldn't overhear. "And you knew about this? And let it happen? Edie, what if he gets her pregnant? He—"

"So what if he does? They're young; someone's going to have to repopulate the species. And don't look at me."

"He's too young—"

"He's been killing zombies with a crossbow for three years now. Too young for what?"


  1. I love your mastery with dialogue.

    I would take out the "so the others couldn't overhear", although I see the necessity of the explanation. Can you find another way to get that in?

    Otherwise this is a tight piece, excellent flow.

    1. Hmm, I'll look at that. I need to establish that they're in a group, yeah. But it is a bit clunky.

  2. This gets me into the mood for Walking Dead on Sunday! Love it.

    1. I'm *always* in the mood for Walking Dead :-) Thanks!