Fantasy Drabble #310 "I'm Saving My Love For You"

He needs no rope to help him reach the window, he has a spell to float himself up the wall. He needs no cover of darkness, he has a spell to render his form invisible to the guards. It is night, though, because that is when she asked him to come.

The Princess is waiting at the window. She cannot see him, but she hears the rustle of his clothes. "My father is asleep."

"Heavy snores the head that wears the crown?"

"Something like that. And…" She pushes a strap of her dressing-gown from one shoulder, and grins. "Stay invisible."


  1. I'd have liked a boyfriend like that back in the day.
    These days I'm old enough to have anyone in that I want. But I'd rather get my rest!

    1. Maybe, but I could use a visit with a Princess every now and again. :-)

  2. a good use for invisibility :)

    Small critique: I really don't think you need to repeat the "he needs no..." and "He has a spell..." You could easily lump the thoughts into one phrase, save the words :)

  3. I liked the repeated phrase, I think it gave this short piece a nice flow of thought. I liked her request for her paramour to stay invisible too... very sensuous.