Fantasy Drabble #314 "New World Order"

She came up from below deck for the first time in a hundred days at sea, went to the rail, and gazed out at her destination. She seemed weak, but happy. "The end of the beginning, Gorrick."

"We await your orders."

"When we make land, you will have the ships taken apart — don't give me that look — taken apart, and remade as vast wheeled carts. We have a long way to go, overland." She sighed.

"How will we propel them?"

"There are powerful creatures in the forest, taller than two men. They will come, to serve me, as you have."


  1. Fantastic! A perfect chapter to a new story.

  2. Interesting story - could see it as opening to a movie!

    1. This Goddess is probably in the same universe as my Sorcerer character and the giant Longaminus. I'm sure they'll meet someday. ;-)