Fantasy Drabble #315 "Your Husband's Second Cousin From Out Of Town"

It requires concentration. The picture has to be clear in my head; I have to be able to feel my body coming into compliance with it as I make the change. It's taken years of practice to be truly convincing. Details matter.

When I'm ready, I can step out into the open grass and onto the sidewalk and across the road and up the steps and ring the doorbell. I can hold my hat and smile and mention familiar and trustworthy names. I can sit in the parlor and sip tea and enquire after health.

The anticipation builds the appetite.


  1. You'd have to have some guts to pull a trick like this one!

  2. I must say you are a genius,sir! One needs to be so vigilant when writing this kind of flash fiction. Surely you've done justice to the prompt. Kudos!
    another part of me

  3. Ooh it's all a bit "the talented mr ripley" ... very good :)

    1. I love how I'm picturing a hideous shape-changing monster and you're picturing Matt Damon. :-) Cheers!

  4. This sets the imagination reeling in all directions - preferably away from my front door! Jolly good!

  5. No luck at my door my friend. I've seen them all.

  6. It sounds like a certain relative of mine. I should bar the door. Sharp writing, Mr. Blackstone!