Fantasy Drabble #319 "Adept"

The first time he tried, nothing. The second time, he produced a snap, a puff, and a fizzle, but no fire. The third time, he burned down the Inn and was run out of town. He styled himself 'sorcerer', even then.

Fire magic is supposed to be easy: consider all of creation as composed of tiny particles, all of which burn when hot enough. Hold them in your mind, make them vibrate like the flare of a well-rung temple bell.

There must be some way to contain it, to focus it; and he'd find it. Back to the drawing board.


  1. Knowing me, I'd have tried to light a cigarette with my fire magic and burned off my eyebrows and hair.
    This one made me laugh!

  2. Playing with fire is a game of inches.

  3. for some reason I picture a young dragon learning his fire. :)

    1. Oh, fire is second nature to dragons... just ask Midz-Aset (click on his name in 'tags'. :-)