Fantasy Drabble #318 "Casual Gamer"

"My Lord."

Midz-Aset interrupted his chewing to peer up at where Winnis the Oreiad sat on a rock overlooking the hoard. A piece of plate armor fell from the corner of his mouth to clatter across the cavern floor. "Mmph?"

"More adventurers, my Lord, come to plunder your treasure?"


"You are no doubt aware that it would be child's play for a powerful dragon such as yourself to close off the entrances these fools are constantly using to steal into your lair?"

He finished chewing, swallowed. He rumbled testily, "Of course."

"But you'd miss all the fun, wouldn't you?"


  1. What's the point of being a dragon, unless you behave like one? Winnis had better watch himself too!

    1. Midz-Aset doesn't eat Fey. He said so on his twitter. :-)

  2. Surely Midz-Aset would get indigestion if they kept on coming unless his appetite is endless and some pieces of armor will be swallowed by accident.

  3. Cunning, inventive and quite witty...