SF Drabble #406 "Nature Preserve"

From atop the hill, through a break in the trees, he could see the looming forest of metal and concrete and glass. He hadn't been this close in forever. He made his way down through the brush to the edge, to the Wall.

The construction automatics built right up to the limit of their reach. If the suppression field waned for even a moment they would push further in, laying foundation, extending maglev track, unspooling fiber optics.

There were open computer access ports, mindlessly installed facing outward, blinking 'ready'. He moved along the Wall, stuffing dirt and leaves into them.


  1. Sometimes there is such a disconnect when one lives in the city or the suburbs. The country seems like another planet entirely.

  2. I like it...technology encroaching on our world. Reality made physical.

  3. Almost makes me want to convert to Ludditism... is that a word?

    1. It is now! :-) I'm afraid I'm far more likely to want to live beyond that wall. But nature sure is pretty to look at. ;-)

  4. oh, David your world(s)just boggle my mind. (in a totally good way)