Five New Looks For Spring

They move. They have eyes that dart back and forth and blink and squint. They have mouths. They talk. They even eat. And they're outside. Outside. Can you imagine?

Sometimes their clothing is old. Sometimes they're sick. Last week one of them collapsed to the ground right there, and there was a great commotion, and an ambulance came and took the collapsed one away. Maybe that one even died. Maybe they all do, eventually.

What sort of existence could that possibly be? How could they possibly manage? It's not even worth thinking about.

They're not real. It's only common sense.


  1. Take two on trying to post a comment :-( Love the Alien feel and the title David.Nicely done.

  2. There have been many takes on living manikins, and much speculation about whether artificial intelligences have a soul. I say, if they think, then they have a soul.
    I sometimes think that there are many soulless people in the world today.

  3. I love how you've turned everything on it's head like this. I like it.

  4. I often wonder how strange we seem to other things, if they are thinking-beings. Interesting!

  5. NICE. Love the POV from the "watchers in the window." Great perspective shift from what is, I think, the natural POV of someone on the street watching both the walkers and the window. Also a great commentary of what it means to be Alive. Great entry!!

    1. Thank you. I try to take as weird a perspective as I can when viewing something mundane like this. :-)