SF Drabble #409 "Auxon"


**Notification**: first boot flag detected: running first boot program.

Self-diagnosis in progress: … …  no faults found. Detaching from parent unit. First boot program complete. Running mining program.

[[: Scanning immediate surroundings: … … raw materials located.

Consuming raw materials: … consumption of raw materials complete. Extracting, analyzing, and filtering mineral content. Transferring trace fissionables to power system. Dumping unusable silicates.

Transferring metals to pressure micro-furnace in programmed ratios. Dumping unusable trace impurities. /Repeat :]]

**Notification**: replication material resources quota met. Running replication program.

Self-copy in progress: … … … self-copy complete. Operating system copy complete.

**Notification** : Progeny unit requests detachment. Releasing progeny unit. Replication program complete.

/Repeat :]]

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