43 Minutes Each Way

[Ganymede 12751-J to L4/624H] I'm so bored and I'm missing you. What are you thinking about? [/end]

[L4/624H to Ganymede 12751-J] I was thinking about the first time we met. When you came to the table I expected you to go for Chip or Big Snake, but we really had a connection right from the beginning. I've never really had that with a girl before. It's just so frustrating to be so far away, and not even be able to talk 'live'. [/end]

[Ganymede 12751-J to L4/624H] I know it's hard baby but that only makes it so much sweeter when we can be together. Do you think you'll be able to get away from Hektor soon? [/end]

[L4/624H to Ganymede 12751-J] I've got a few weeks of leave accrued. I wish I could take you away somewhere and we could be together always. I don't know what your situation is but in a couple years at this rate I'll have enough to live on Earth. Or at least Luna. What do you think? [/end]

[Ganymede 12751-J to L4/624H] Looking forward to seeing you in the flesh! If you can get here during August the House is running a special 10% off promotion for all 'menu' items. [/end]

[L4/624H to Ganymede 12751-J] August might be do-able. If you'll excuse the pun, hah! It'll depend on how busy we are and whether the Company will let me pick leave time or assign it automatically. Since I'm pretty senior here I should get to choose my dates but you never really know. We've been really busy lately. Hang on. OK, we have an X12-level solar flare warning, so I've got to sign off in a couple minutes here. So annoying because I'm scheduled for a double shift fixing broken-down loaders and since we earn trip— [/message interrupted: low balance.]

[Ganymede 12751-A to L4/624H] Regarding your Private Message account: you have reached a balance of ¤0.00. Please add funds to ensure that your messages are received by: Janie. [/end]

[L4/624H to Ganymede 12751-J] Sorry for the interrupted message and the delay in getting back to you, I let my PM account go dry. Embarrassing! It's loaded up now. Anyway, we had a hell of a time the past three days keeping the loaders running what with the flare. We still get paid for shelter time, but only at 1:1. Fortunately those of us who had to go out in suits when something broke down get hazard pay, which is 3:1 for every hour exposed. [/end]

[L4/624H to Ganymede 12751-J] Oh, and: this month we've been so busy, I've earned eighty hours' worth of  overtime pay. Can't wait to spend some of it with you! [/end]

[Ganymede 12751b to L4/624H] That's great to hear. I can't wait to see you sweetie I always have a better time with you than with the others. In the meantime check out my House Store wish list and pick out something you'd like to see me in! [/end]

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