Fantasy Drabble #326 "Artemis"

It was a doe, broken-off spearhead in its side, sitting, bleeding, trembling. Had I been near home, or had a horse-cart nearby, I would have taken the meat for my larder, but instead I took pity. I pulled out the spearhead, gently cleaned the wound, applied a dry poultice…

I swear I didn't know.

They call my people 'The Urnfield Culture' now. I don't remember my original name. I commissioned a statue long ago of the doe-become-woman who gave me this extended life in gratitude for my tender mercies.

I only later learned her name, while living among the Greeks.


  1. Well, this is a charming tale indeed. Acts of kindness can have unexpected effects, well done.

  2. This was lovely. It is often so easy to forget that small actions can cascade into large ones.