Fantasy Drabble #342 “Come Into My Head”

Papa burned down the house. He didn’t mean to: the Devil got a hold of him through the bottle. Papa quit drinking after that.

The insurance man came, and there was a check. It wasn’t enough to rebuild the house, so Papa bought a trailer.

Now that Papa’s sober and God-fearing again, the Devil leaves him alone. Mostly he talks to me. He tells me new ways to tease the boys in the neighborhood. He tells me where the neighbors keep money so I can buy candy. Today he asked me if I knew what was inside of a cat.


  1. My guess is that the devil may not be talking out loud to Papa any more, but he's still working through him!

  2. I loved your take on the prompt David. The Devil certainly seems to have found a family he can have fun with.

  3. Hi, cool story, I found it highly amusing! Cheeky fun :) And for that... Thank You!!