Zombie Drabble #419 “Tips & Tricks”

They’re not all the same. Some see better than others, some smell better, some hear better. Maybe it has something to do with how rotten they are before the virus starts puppeting them. Not sure. Anyway, you can’t make assumptions.

Keep as clean as you can. Use rain water. The stronger your body odor, the more likely you’ll be some zombie’s lunch.

Go out at night. You can’t see very well in the dark, but you can see better than the best of them. Take some flares. You get made, light one, toss it, then run in the other direction.


  1. I enjoyed this! It's written in a kind of snappy and to-the-point way, which makes the subject matter really "pop". I'd definitely keep these in mind when the zombie apocalypse descends on humankind :-)

  2. My goodness, what a storehouse of useful information here!!! One of my writing students from a few years ago was seriously focused on zombies -- and their stories. He'd love this.

    1. There's a lot of zombie apocalypse flashfiction on the site... just click on 'zombie' in the tags roll (in the righthand sidebar, scroll down a bit) and it'll only show zombie-tagged stuff. :-)