Fantasy Drabble #344 “Is King Alexander Alive?”

“She’s dying.”

Ross peered down into the water to where the mermaid was huddled in the bottom corner of the deep end. She didn’t look afraid, not really. Just… sick. “Do you think it’s the chlorine?”

“Haven’t put any in yet this season. Only uncovered it three days ago.”

“How the hell did she get in there. It’s gotta be a hundred and fifty yards from the waterline up the beach, through the gate, up the steps—”

“I have no idea.” Dwight ran his hands through his hair. “Well. I’m going to try to find my scuba gear.”

“Wait, what?”


  1. I enjoyed this. It was very imaginative, and it made me want to read more, to find out what happened to the mermaid. :)

    1. I think, alas, she probably dies. These guys sound like a couple of bros who can't keep a houseplant alive, much less a mermaid.

  2. intriguing...I've always loved mermaid tales