Jane, His Wife

I was good with a camera, I could have done her justice, but I always got the back of her head or her outstretched palm or both.

On our honeymoon, she hid the camera, I didn’t find it for two days. I managed to get some good shots of Niagra Falls, but none of her. When you were born, when your brother was born, I took pictures of you, of him, but none of her holding you. She wouldn’t let me. All the pictures from the hospital are you in her arms, but just the arms.

Grandma and Grandpa said she was always like that, even as a kid. The only picture they ever got, that’s this one. She made them take it; she was so proud of that costume. Can’t see her face at all, just the mask.

I wish I had pictures of her. Especially now, you know?

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  1. This is fantastic, and fascinating, and strange. I thoroughly enjoyed it.