“Where you headed?”

She didn’t really look at him, didn’t really acknowledge him at all, and he was seconds from walking away in a huff when she finally answered, “Northern California.”

He lit a cigarette of his own. “Not a bad drive from hereabouts.”

“Done it before.”

A mother with a judgmental look on her face approached with two small children in tow; she hurried them past, pulled them by the arms into the safety of the diner.

The bike was cherry, current tags, but she had no helmet. “Cops hassle you much?”

She laughed. “They pull me over to hit on me. I don’t get tickets.”

“Well that’s a mixed blessing if I’ve ever heard one.”

She shrugged, dropped the cigarette at her feet, carefully ground it into the concrete with the toe of her boot. “Ride together for a bit?”

“Sure.” He’d been going South, but that’s life.


  1. Nice One David! Could picture it perfectly. Liked the whole feel of it, hostile but becoming and the free spiritedness. Great!

  2. Might as well go--doesn't seem as though either of them had any ties!
    You always write characters very believably.

  3. You gave her such a jaundiced attitude that I just love. I can see the hard edges inside her, despite there being no overt explanation. The way her words ring off the POV narrator is great.

  4. Wonderful attitude.. like easy rider with a Keroucian touch... love it-