Zombie Drabble #421 “Antoine Tripped”

I didn’t even know he was down until… what’s his first name? With the backpack on?Until Maynard yelled for us to go back for him. Weren’t nobody going back for him.

Zombies, man, they ain’t fast but there’s a lot of ‘em, and they’re beside you and in front of you and everywhere you’re going. And they can seem fast because they ain’t wasting no time; not coming at you, not grabbing at you, not eating at you.

Antoine was in little bits, man, little tiny pieces, maybe ten seconds.  Maynard was still yelling for us to go back. Fool.


  1. I'm not going back. . . in Alaska we say that "I don't need to be faster than the bear - I only need to be faster than YOU." :)

  2. LOL, reminds me of this commercial where a group is running into a building, one falls and they just say "leave him, leave him!" I think it was a movie ticket purchasing service or something :)

    1. Have you seen the beginning of 'Darjeeling Limited"? Not the short "Hotel Chevalier", the bit with Bill Murray running for the train, dropping suitcases? :-)) Like that.