Fantasy Drabble #354 "And It Feels So Good"

She waited patiently, meditating while her men broke down yet another iron-reinforced heavy oaken door. When they were through, and had lit new torches, she rose and stepped across the threshold, already whispering her incantations.

In a corner, in a pile of detritus, something began to glow an otherworldly green. One of the men bent down and started clearing away the rubble, until he had uncovered what she was looking for, whereupon he backed away without touching it. "Ma'am."

She knelt, reached out, gingerly picked up the glowing skull. "I have found you, my love. And you will live again."


  1. intriguing. You have places you could take this.

    1. I've approached the 'digging up the skull for nefarious/evil/strange purposes' thing several times now, so clearly it has some sort of appeal to me. I'm seriously considering doing a novel about my dragon character (like, from the dragon's perspective. And yes, he's evil.) so maybe I can work it into that.