"See that?"

Everybody in the room was looking at it. "The bust of Nefertiti? Uh, yeah, I see it."

"Solid gold. Paint for the headdress, but under that, gold. Weighs… I don't even want to think about how much it weighs."

"Me neither."

"I'm going to steal it." She didn't whisper it into his ear, or even particularly lower her voice. A woman nearby turned and gave us the stinkeye, but her husband just chuckled. Nobody alerted the guards.

"Sure you are."

"Come on," she took me by the shirtsleeves and dragged me out of the room, through the gift shop, out onto the city street. "It's here until Friday. It's under guard when it's in transit, but here they rely on automated systems. I can do it. Getting it out of the country will be the hard part."

"You'll never sell it, it's—"

"Not for the money. For Egypt."


  1. ah yes- I wondered why- just why it is in Berlin instead of Cairo.

  2. Steal it?

    Sure, you and whose army.

  3. wow!! umm well written!! a quite diffent way of being patriotic i guess!!

  4. I love the implications of the title and it makes me want to root for the woman plotting to steal it!

  5. Ok, now I want to read the rest of the caper! :o)

    1. Lol, me too. Lemme see if I can find someone to write it... ;-)

  6. Amazing how quickly you made an entire story.