Best Week Ever

He is awakened by the noise of drawers opening and silverware rattling and coffee percolating. He rolls over, reaches out, finds only an absence beside him. He sits up, wraps the sheet around him, goes out into the living-room.

She is dancing and arranging breakfast on the floor with one hand; she is wearing only socks and earbuds and holding her phone in the other hand. She sees him and smiles, pauses her music. "Hungry?"

"What time is it?"

She steps close, looks up at him. "Time to eat. Then more sex. Then maybe after, you tell me your name?"


  1. Ah yes, it's beginning to look a lot like a wonderful day! They know their pleasing ways.

  2.'s defintely goig to be a great day!

  3. sounds as if a really great night was followed by a very sultry morning!

    nice write!

    1. Thanks :) Though, I bet that this is the moment where he tells her he's a spy.

  4. The last lines were clever! Liked it very much. <3