Five Sentence Fiction: "Land Ho!"

The Captain followed the outstretched hand, raised the spyglass to his eyes, focused in on the narrow strip of hazy brown emerging between sea and sky, and said with palpable relief in his voice, "Finally."

"You won't be a Captain anymore, once we make landfall. They'll break up the ship for shelter and firewood," observed Father Ordry.

"No one will be happier than I, Father, that I may lay down the burden of these long months," the Captain said, spyglass trembling in his hand. "No one."


  1. Ooh, I would love to know why! Well written and intriguing.

  2. Those days and nights at sea could be endless. The journeys were filled with both dreams and nightmares. You told it here.
    Here is my story:

  3. I like this. Elegant, loads of weight in that dialogue.

  4. I want the chapter...five sentences are not enough!