SF Drabble #444 "How To Make War"

I set up the slingshot maneuver before I'd even seen him, to use the planet's gravity well to change my course and pick up speed out towards 82 G Eridani, and there he was, only a few ∆V from my current escape orbit. It's just good luck.

I adjusted my track, I released a ball-bearing packet, I adjusted again, and I cloaked.

He'll never see me. I'll be a barely perceptible shimmer below him, skimming fast just above the atmosphere, when the cloud of ball bearings hit him like a close-range shotgun blast. I almost feel bad for him. Almost.


  1. Sigh. You people and your blogger accounts. I created an account just so I can start commenting. :-P

    You're such a devil. Always wreaking mischief and mayhem upon your characters. Ha!