Fantasy Drabble #373 "And The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth"

It used to be — in my mother's time — that the forest surrounded the towns and villages of men, and that the world was mostly ours even by day; now, we huddle in ever-shrinking woods, choked from all sides by concrete and asphalt and glass, and often must hide even at night. They blunder in to piss and hunt and hide their bags of pornographic magazines and their murdered bodies.

I wish there was something to be done about it all.

My mother laughs at me. This will pass; they can't last much longer at this rate. Soon now, dear, soon.


  1. A post with a message, and very well written.

  2. Great descriptions; such efficient use of language. In a few words you show us what is happening in the picture, why and how the narrator feels about the who things.

    Love the resolution. And sadly, I agree.

  3. Brilliant creative approach!! We can't last much truth.

  4. That was an interesting approach. Oh and great title..

  5. the world does seem to be building to some kind of a resolution

    1. That big hand from "Cabin In The Woods", I think :)

  6. Mother is right to laugh! Really enjoyed reading your words.
    Anna :o]

  7. Great line: "choked from all sides by concrete and asphalt and glass"