Fantasy Drabble #374 "Imperator"

They ambled with no urgency up the hillside, at the rear of the procession, already in the shadow of the great stone statue. "Is he a God or a King?"

His mother answered, "A God and a King."

"Was he always both? Which one was he first?"

"You're full of questions! He was a King first, I think, and then later a God; that's what I think, anyway. I'm sure the priests would answer the other way around."

"When did he become a statue?"

She laughed, squeezed his hand. "A very long time ago, darling. And he's not changing back."


  1. I enjoyed the candid conversation. And the theme that you picked.
    Have a splendid weekend

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it! :)