Five Sentence Fiction: "A Word Of Warning"

"This will all be city, one day."


"Everything will be city, arctic to tropics, tendrils reaching out into the ocean and spiny spikes into the sky, a sprawling nest lousy with humanity. The very Earth will groan under its weight."

"You're a real downer, mister time-traveler, you know that?"


  1. The sad face of changing mother Earth, nice one for the prompt :)

  2. A very different approach to the prompt. Nice read!

  3. lovely approach to the prompt, David...
    Cheers, Archana :-)

  4. Wanting to know what comes next - it burns us, but heck, I really wouldn't like to find out. Just focus on now, and trying to make whatt we leave behind as good as it possibly can be.

  5. And the very earth will groan under its weight.

    The earth one day will not be able to bear our burden of wrongs.