Future Impermanent


"Brandon. I need you to listen carefully. Can you hear me ok?"

"Sure, I… wait, how do you know my name? This is a pay phone, I just picked it up to say you'd misdialed."

"I know your name because I know you. I needed to talk to you, and I can only call pay phones, and this will be one of the last times you pass one."


"Are you kidding? How many pay phones do you see in 2015? The one you're talking on right now is going to be ripped out in two weeks. They're pretty much all gone by 2018."

"Is that right."

"You don't believe me, that's fine. Next Tuesday, the headline will be 'Feds Indict Commerce Chair, President Withdraws Support'. When you read that, you'll know I'm not fucking around. Come back to this phone at noon."


"So I can save you."

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