Maybe This Will Convince You

She threw me over the edge. She threw me.

Why am I still alive? That should have been more than enough of a fall — and onto a marble floor — to break every bone in my body.

Last night: the party at the Four Seasons, introductions made, a handshake held a bit too long, a look in the eye from a bit too close; subtle perfume and champagne and intimations; limo back to her mansion in the hills, looking around, assuming she was an heiress.

And then she bit me. Bit me…

Oh. I understand now. I'm not alive at all.


  1. Highly effective response to the prompt...

  2. Maybe it's all a bad dream. ;)
    Are there day dreams in the afterlife? I like this... brought some interesting pictures to mind.

  3. Replies
    1. I feel like there's an interesting conversation coming up with the... lady... who threw him over the railing.

  4. The living dead is a very Gothic kind of image. An interesting one.

  5. Awesome... Atleast he realized that he is dead.. Imagine, like the movie Sixth sense, if he hadn't realized he was dead :)

  6. I like this. You capture the dark side of glamour - both ways.