The Iron Lady Of Cardiff Bay

It was an Englishman — a contraptionaire to the court of George IV — who built her to protect the city where he'd found love and a home. For generations she waded in the bay, righting overturned boats and spotting fires, a civic watchdog as well as mobile local landmark.

During the war, she was often seen swatting at low-flying German planes, but it remains unknown whether she ever managed to down one, which is just as well, as had she done so it was unclear how and to whom such a hypothetical 'kill' should be credited.

By the early sixties her movement had slowed almost to lethargy, and there was great concern. It was however not until June 12, 1978 that the end came. Early one morning she collapsed with a great crash onto the shore, breaking into many pieces; most were scrapped, but one remains, a monument to her devotion.


  1. Like some kind of sci-fi legend. Great biographical thumbnail of a macro identity.

  2. Is there some significance to the date you chose for her demise? June 12, 1978?

    1. It's my mother's birthday, if I remember correctly

  3. I learned something with this one. (Even tho fictional?)

  4. Sometimes I leave the label off the photo so not to influence everyone's creativity...but you either knew...or did your homework...great write as always...

  5. What a cool idea. A iron giant of sorts that has broken down. So cool