You plant this seed, you see? You find a patch of rich earth favored by sun and rain and you push the seed in with your thumb, and you wait.

It'll take time, of course, long time. That's why we do this now, when you're little, when you don't understand how it all works. But one day you'll come back here and there she'll be, as grown as you and almost awake.

She won't belong to you; that's important. She'll choose you, right then, or she won't ever. If she doesn't, I suppose, try again while you still have time.


  1. Beginning with the title, through last word ~~~ I enjoyed this.

  2. Growing love..who will she choose..interesting concept...

  3. Nicely imaginative and creative; well done.

  4. Oh to be the ones that get picked, and the ones that had to try again, and the ones that didnt have time.

    1. I picture an old man, selfish and cruel, planting his fourth or fifth seed, knowing deep down that even if he lives long enough for her to grow she won't choose him because of the kind of man he is.