In Cloudkey Town I Met A Girl

“I am a Princess.” She stared at him in shocked incredulity, as if his failure to recognize her station and act accordingly was entirely without precedent. “My father is your King.”

“I have no King. Down below…” He turned, gestured to the ascent balloon tethered at the edge of the floating city. “Down there we choose our rulers from amongst ourselves by a vote.”

“Barbaric.” She shook her head as if to dislodge an unwelcome thought from her mind; then she paused, regarding him, and continued with a more welcoming if haughty tone. “But you may approach.”

He grinned. “Gladly.”


  1. Clever and creative take David...made me smile this Tuesday morning. Thank you! :-)

  2. No need to vote and agonize... sometimes it's just easier to obey :)

  3. excellent! I like the idea of a floating city!

    1. I do too, until the machine that makes it float stops working. :)