Fantasy Drabble #327 "Flutter"

She closed her eyes in the half-light of the forest, arms outstretched as if the breeze would pick her up and carry her along with the falling leaves and the fireflies. She knew they were here; she knew they would emerge from warren and hollow to pay their respects.

Like a cloud of butterflies they came in their hundreds, in their thousands, laughing and singing, whispering in her ears; they alighted on her arms, her shoulder, atop her head, on the tips of her fingers, until they encased her in a blur of motion.

She lifted slowly from the ground.


  1. This is my first writing prompt from Studio360+. You will find a clickable link to their site on my links page under 'writing prompts'

  2. Awesome David! How cool, where is this, I would like to visit this place and be carried away like that!