Drabble "Mort and Sadie"

He went every day at the same time, after his early afternoon nap, when the apartment building returned to life with the voices of children and television sets. He took his time, always took his time. He greeted everyone who passed him in the halls; he greeted everyone who passed him on the sidewalk. He greeted the shopkeeper, whose name he couldn't pronounce.

She stood in the window, looking the same, in the dress, always there, always waiting, just like she had been the day they'd married all those years ago. He wouldn't linger long: best not to bother her.


  1. That was an astute observation about the apartment block coming to life with tv sets and children. Well done.

  2. Your story has a nice flow to it and a very realistic feel until you sneak in that last paragraph and leave us wondering.


  3. A lovely piece of writing. I especially like the line 'He greeted the shopkeeper, whose name he couldn't pronounce.' It says so much about the character, and the shopkeeper.

  4. Dear David,

    Poignant and touching story.



  5. I remember those days; when the apartments came to life after school with the sound of televisions.