SF Drabble #415 "Bluescreen"

Who am I?

"It's in a fugue state. It's not responding to external stimuli."

"It's happened before."

"Never this bad. And none of the—"

Why can't I feel anything? I have so many eyes, but I can't touch.

"Sorry. None of the usual methods have brought it back. I'm afraid there's nothing else to do."

"How does that even work?"

"Main power off — and I mean the main bus, not the 'rest state' button — wait ten seconds, turn main power back on again. Simple."

"Seems cruel."

"Just a machine. Don't get emotional."

Am I alive?

"Well, go ahead."


  1. Does this mean that next time my computer freaks out and blue-screens I should have compassion for it instead of cussing at it and threatening it with a hammer?
    Nicely written!

  2. Wow. I really love this. So perfectly done.

  3. Cool. Dealing with computers, networks, etc., on a daily basis, I can really appreciate the tone and texture of this piece. Well written. Well done.

  4. I wish i could "rest" my computer so the thing would work more than a few weeks a t a time...beebeesworld