Go on.

"I remember this. Have I been here before? It feels familiar, somehow, like a memory from when I was half-asleep." He waded a little further, paused, looked around and behind as if unsure.


"What's in there?"

Everything you've ever wanted. Your ultimate reward awaits within.

"My… what does that mean? Gold? Women? I don't understand."

If those are your wants, truly, then that is what you will find. If what you want is unknown even to yourself, you may find something else.

"A surprise."

Yes. Go.

He stood in the water, gentle waves lapping against his fingertips and his thighs. "I'm not sure. It's dark in there, I can't see where I'm going. Can you—"


"Can you give me lights? Can you let me see what's in there? What I'm walking into? Can you?"

Go. Go. I tire of waiting. I hunger. Go and be rewarded.

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  1. "I hunger." ---- What a darksome caveat embedded there at the verrrrrrrry end. Gives me the shivers! So much at work here. Thanks for another great VisDare!