SF Drabble #463 "Looper Babies"

I remember it all: I remember being the one in the test chamber; I remember the shaking; I remember you, Jules, yelling something about the settings being off, about danger; I remember everyone scrambling for the panic button but no one quite getting there. And then — or, now — here we are, kids again, far from the lab and from the people we… will become.

It's odd being six and having a degree in theoretical physics.

We'll get there again, we just have to be careful not to avoid all the little accidents that led us there. Then we'll fix it.


  1. Ha! Loved this, its a very clever Sci-Fi take - I'd hate to work through those causality problems though :)

    1. Yeah, personally, I think they're doomed.

  2. Wow !! This was great. Creative one indeed :)

  3. Yes, very creative. Memory loops. A great take on the prompt.