Dark Horse

Carrie watched, spellbound, as a verdant Earth spun in place outside. Big Wheel. They call this thing the ‘Big Wheel’. The party was being held in the hub, in an as-yet unused storage compartment just off the hangar. “Beautiful view.”

“Almost makes up for the ‘champagne’.”

Sparkling cider in a pouch, all they would send up. Cap had to call in favors just to get that. “Having a nice time? At the party, I mean.”

“I’m trying to figure out who I should kiss.”


Marjorie drifted in closer, until she was sharing a handhold, so as to speak sotto voce. “Well, Kalinsky is married, and he’s already on a Facetime, so I think he’s gonna kiss his tablet. Wilbur, well…” She took a sip from the straw.

“Not Wilbur.”

“No. So that leaves either Bobby or Arjun.”

Sure. “How are you going to decide?”

“I’m strongly considering asking them to arm-wrestle over me.” A grin and a wink “Dunno. Probably decide in the moment.”

“That I’d like to see.”

Marjorie took another sip, gazed out the cupola window. “Think there’ll be fireworks?”

Cap wasn’t owed nearly enough favors for fireworks. She leaned in, whispered, “Only if you kiss me.”

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