We breached with a front-loader. It was just a fence, really. Reinforced, for sure, but ain’t no way it was gonna stop a front-loader going full tilt. They gave up without us even having to shoot nobody. We explained that there was a masonry supply place about a hundred yards away. Bricks as far as the eye could see. Hundreds of thousands of ‘em. Shit, maybe a million. We pointed to it. You could see it through the hole in the fence.

We made a deal to combine our groups, moved our shit in, repaired the fence. Then together we built the wall just inside the fence. Sometimes the horde gets through the fence, just by the weight of sheer numbers, and gets stuck between the fence and the wall, and we climb up on top the wall and jab ‘em through the top of the head with sharpened poles. Spears. You know.

Since then we only ever lost the one guy, Jerome. He fell between the wall and the fence, and there was a couple zombies still down in there from last time, and one of ‘em got him. Real shame. But, you gotta watch your step up there.

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